Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS):


Metro Contracting starts by applying a weep casing around all the bottom edges of where EIFS is to be applied. The weep casing bead will be installed, with small weep holes that moisture can escape through. The 2-ply weather and moisture resistant barrier is applied next. This is an important step, because stucco is breathable material moisture can get through and when it does the 2-ply weather and moisture resistant barrier is there so that the water will run down it and drain through the weep casing at the bottom. All of the above stages are referred to as the lath, and once the lath has been completed it is time to apply the final two layers. Foam board is then secured to the substrate using mechanical fasteners. Next a thin layer of Dry-bond or similar portland cement is applied over the foam with a layer of stucco mesh worked into the cement. Last the acrylic finish coat is applied; it gives the stucco its texture. Also color can be added to the finish coat, if color is applied to the finish coat there is no requirement for any additional coats such as paint.